Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free BkavPro 2010 Internet Security

BkavPro 2010 Internet Security is one of the pioneers in using Cloud ComputingTechnology in antivirus industry.
BkavPro 2010 Internet Security is the combination of smart virus removal technology and Internet access control technology.
Use BkavPro 2010 Internet Security to enjoy the full set of the software's preeminent features and live support from security experts.

Getting This Software for Free?

1) Go to this Promo Page
Fill In all relevant Information

2) Download the Software From here

Enter The serial and get full Software For Free
BkavPro's features:
Uses Cloud Computing Technology
Removes Key Logger, Trojan, BackDoor
Removes Spyware, Adware
Performs Scheduled Scan
Operates in background mode
Memory scanning
Real-time Protection
Auto Updates
USB Protection
Web Protection
Personal Firewall
Behavior Based Virus Detection
Removes metamorphic virus
Smart Scanning
Proactive Protection
Self - Defense
Reputation Based Detection
Deep Scan
Quick scan
Registry Protection
Memory Optimization
Packed file scanning
Technical support - LiveConnect
Emergency Rescue
Reserved support telephone number
Reserved support email address

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