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Free MyLogoMaker Professional

Create Eye-Catching Logos in Minutes

  • NEW! 2,100+ Logo Templates
  • NEW! 9,100+  Shapes & Objects
  • 30+ Special Visual Effects
  • Shape Editor to create and customize your own shapes
FREE BONUS! myBusiness Cards software 


Why MyLogoMaker?

MyLogoMaker Professional brings you the easiest, most intuitive Logo Design software on the market today! In just minutes you can create professional logos and taglines for a new business or organization, or renew and refresh a current one – without having to outsource to an expensive design firm!

With over 2,100+ logo design templates and 9,100+ shapes and objects included, MyLogoMaker Professional gives you everything needed to create a unique business identity and will have you designing like a pro before you know it!
  • Easy-to-Use - just 5 minutes to learn the basics, thousands of professionally designed templates, shapes, objects, and fonts, slogan and tagline collection, and more
  • Affordable - design, customize, and print a professional logo for just $29.95
  • Build a Sharp, Professional Image - add your logo to business cards, brochures, letterheads, websites, product packaging, T-shirts and more!
  • Access Advanced Design Tools –Shape Editor easily creates and customizes your own shapes, professional color palette, image and text effects including invert, emboss, blur, drop shadow, transparency, gradient, and more
  • Superior Font & Text Editing - polygonal, concave, circular, outline, or projective text styles, creative and professional fonts, rotate, scale, align text and more
  • Design Logos for ANY Business, Club, School or Organization - beauty salon, daycare center, construction firm, interior designer, photographer, and so many more
  • FREE myBusiness Cards Software Included (a $20 Value) - 500 card designs
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
3 Fast & Easy Steps to a Custom Logo 
1. Select. Choose from 2,100+ professionally designed logo templates or create your own.
2. Customize. Add text and taglines. Use advanced design tools, color palettes, drop shadows & more.
3. Print.  Preview, export or print your logo for use on business cards, letterheads and brochures.
Thousands of Professionally Designed Templates Craft a Unique Look for your business, club, school or organization with help from 2,100+ professionally designed templates! Or create your own from scratch.
More Objects. More Shapes. More Colors. More Gradients!
Modify your logo with 9,100+ customizable designs, objects and shapes, like curves, flags, spheres, stars, ribbons and more, or import your own. Plus, enhance the color, font and gradient and make it wavy, circular, concave or projective. With 30+ sophisticated visual effects, including blurs, shadows, emboss and invert, the creative possibilities are endless!
Be Creative with Advanced Font and Text Effects
Go for an eye-catching look with stylized polygonal, concave, circular, outline or projective text that can be rotated, scaled and aligned. Polish it off with a choice of 1,200+ fonts!
Stand Out with Special Image Effects
Make a great first impression with unique creative effects, including blur, drop shadows, invert, emboss and more. Choose to add transparency and even convert to grayscale for a finished look.
Unveil Your Logo and Go
Export in high resolution in multiple formats, including JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP and PDF. Then include it on business cards, brochures, letterheads, websites, product packaging, T-shirts and more!
  • 2,100+ Logo Templates
  • 9,100+ Customizable Designs, Shapes & Objects
  • 30+ Special Visual Effects – Shadows, Transparency, Emboss & more
  • Advanced Font & Text Effects – 1,200+ Creative Fonts
  • Export in Web & Print Formats – PDF, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG & BMP
  • Easy-to-Use Editing Interface
  • Advanced Alignment & Image Adjustment Tools
  • Regular, Polygonal, Concave, Wavy, Regular, Outline and Projective Text
  • Complete Layer Control for Solid, Transparent or Shaped Backgrounds
  • Pro Color Palette: 50 CMYK palettes, 50 RGB palettes, Custom Color & Gradients
  • Special Effects Plug-Ins: jitter, pixelate, swirl & warp
  • Slogan and Tagline Collection
  • Trademark and Copyright guidelines
  • Built-In Online Resource Library
System Requirements 
Version 3.1
Size 350 MB
Platform Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit
  • Windows XP, Vista or 7
  • Pentium 500 MHz processor or better
  • 512 MB RAM minimum
  • Hard disk with at least 350 MB free space
  • Internet Explorer 4 or higher for Online Resources program section 
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Inkjet or laser printer

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Get Avast Internet Security 5 For Free

Active internet users need greater protection for themselves as they shop and bank on-line. To secure against threats from infected web sites and the growing risk of identity theft, avast Internet security provides you with continuous protection from its layers of antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit protection, firewall and antispam.

Key technologies

  • Improved Antivirus and anti-spyware engine
  • New avast! Sandbox
  • New Silent Firewall
  • New Antispam
  • New Behavior Shield
  • New avast! Intelligent Scanner
  • New Silent/Gaming Mode
  • Real time anti-rootkit protection
  • avast! Community IQ
  • Behavioral Honeypots
  • Smart virus updates
  • Green computing
  • avast! iTrack
  • File System / Mail Shield
  • Web Shield
  • IM / P2P Shield
  • Network Shield
  • Script Shield

and detection

Improved Antivirus and anti-spyware engine

State of the art scanning engine provides reliable protection against viruses, spyware and other forms of malicious software.

Real time anti-rootkit protection

Unique "on access" technology checks all kernel-mode drivers that the operating system is loading for signs of rootkit behavior. This enables even unknown rootkits to be detected and stopped before they can do any damage.

New avast! Sandbox

Enables potentially exploitable programs (such as web browsers) and/or suspicious executables to be run in a safe, virtual environment. The avast! Sandbox is unique as it runs on both 32 and 64bit platforms.

avast! Community IQ

Most samples we process come from sensors deployed throughout the avast! community in the Behavior shield and anti-rootkit modules. This is a unique source of data made possible only thanks to our huge user base. Most of the collected samples are analysed by a number of automated processes and only a small fraction of the samples need to be processed manually by our virus analysts.

New Code emulator

When a suspicious executable is encountered (during both on-demand and on-access scanning), avast! is able to emulate the program’s code in an isolated environment. The code emulator is used for two purposes. First, it is used for generic unpacking. Secondly, it is used in the heuristics engine. Technically, this is done using dynamic translation, a method much faster than traditional emulation techniques.

New Heuristics engine

Starting with version 5.0, avast! features a new heuristics engine designed to proactively detect malware undetectable with normal definitions. The heuristics engine is able to cover both binary (executable) and script malware.

Potentially unwanted programs detection

New in version 5.0, avast! now detects potentially unwanted programs, such as remote admin tools and commercial key loggers. Custom rules can be set for dealing with these types of programs.

Additional protection

Silent Firewall

The firewall enables you to control incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer. Protection is based on heuristic and behavioral analysis, and a white list of known safe applications. There are three network settings which can be changed depending on the type of connection.


New comprehensive SPAM and fraudulent message filter. It works as a plug-in to MS Outlook and a generic POP3/IMAP4 proxy for other email clients.


Boot-time scanner

Allows you to scan your computer for infections before the operating system has started and before a virus can be activated (32-bit operating systems only).

Command-line scanner

Enables you to run a scan directly from the command line.

Wake-up for scan

Microsoft Windows is woken from sleep or hibernation mode, performs a scheduled scan, then returns back to sleep mode.

Scheduled scanning

Allows users to define the scan time and files to be scanned.

New avast! Intelligent Scanner

Can reduce the number of required file scans by up to 80% through a white list of proven safe applications. Files identified as safe are not rescanned unless they change.


New Behavior Shield

Monitors activity on your computer using a number of sensors (file system, registry and network based) and reports/blocks any suspicious behavior.

Behavioral Honeypots

avast! sensors identify and monitor suspicious file activity on selected computers, automatically submitting files to the Virus Lab for additional analysis.

File System Shield

Real-time scanning of opened/executed files.

Mail Shield

Scans all incoming/outgoing e-mails for malware. For MS Outlook, a special plug-in is used. Other email clients are protected by a generic POP3/IMAP4/SMTP proxy. New in version 5, the proxy also supports scanning of SSL communication (,, ….)

Web Shield

Scans all visited web pages and checks all files, pages and java scripts downloaded from the internet. Thanks to the Intelligent Stream Scan feature, the Web shield doesn't slow down your web browsing.

P2P Shield

Checks files downloaded using P2P programs. - ABC, Ares, Azureus, BearShare, Bit Torrent, BitComet, BitLord, BitPump, CZDC++, Direct Connect, eDonkey, eMule, iDC++, iMesh, Kazaa, Kceasy, LimeWire, Morpheus, Opera's DC++, Overnet, Qtrax, Shareaza, SoulSeek, StrongDC++, uTorrent, Vuze, WinMX, Winny2, Zultrax.

IM Shield

Checks files downloaded while using instant messaging or “chat” programs. - AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), Gadu-Gadu, gaim/Pidgin, Google Talk, ICQ, IM2 Messenger, Infium, Miranda, mIRC, MSN/Windows Messenger, Odigo, PalTalk Messenger, Psi Jabber Client, QIP, QQ, SIM, Skype, Tlen, Trillian, WengoPhone, XFire, Yahoo! Messenger.

Network Shield

Provides protection against network-based viruses. The module has two main components: a URL blocker, designed to block malicious URLs (as defined by the Virus Lab), and a lightweight intrusion-detection system.

Script Shield

Detects malicious scripts hidden in internet web pages and prevents them from running and hijacking or potentially causing damage to your computer (Internet Explorer only, 32-bit only).


Smart virus definition updates

Incremental updating system minimizes the size of regular update files.

New Fast application of updates

New format for the virus definition file speeds up application of updates into avast! 5.0 and reduces demand on CPU/memory, resulting in uninterrupted computer use.
New format for the virus definition file means faster updates and reduces demand on CPU/memory, resulting in uninterrupted computer use.


New Silent/Gaming Mode

New Silent/Gaming Mode automatically detects full-screen applications and disables pop-ups and other on-screen notifications without degrading security.

Optimized for latest Intel Core i7 CPUs

Critical sections of the avast! scanning engine code have been optimized to deliver unrivaled performance on the latest Intel chips.

CPU optimization

New Multi-threaded scanning optimization

avast! runs faster on new multi-core CPUs. A new avast! feature allows the splitting of large individual files between cores, accelerating the scanning process.

                            Green computing

Reduced demands on the disk drive result in lower energy consumption.


avast! iTrack

Real-time graphic scanning reports.

Improved Graphical user interface

Easy to navigate graphical interface.

Automatic processing

Infected files are processed automatically without requiring user instructions

Getting This Internet Security For FREE?

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 Fill in the form as shown above

You will get your personal key in Your inbox within 24 hours

2) Download the Software from here

Enter the key and Enjoy a fully working Software
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Free Solid capture 3

Solid Capture - Features

Capture anything on your screen

Rectangle Capture
Rectangle Capture
Capture anything in any location on your screen using one of the following options:
  • Rectangle - Draw a rectangle around any portion of your screen and capture everything inside.
  • Rectangle with Frame - Use a resizable frame to measure and capture anything within. Drag its corners and sides to change its dimensions or simply enter the dimensions into the fields and watch the frame adjust to pixel accuracy.

Window Capture
Window Capture
Easily capture windows on your screen, including scrolling windows. This feature is particularly useful for those who work with documentation. With Window Capture, you can effortlessly capture the following:
  • A whole window - either just the visible window or an entire scrolling window
  • A portion of a window such as a menu or toolbar
  • Multiple windows
  • Drop-down menus

Full Screen
Full Screen
Capture your entire computer screen. If you use multiple monitors, you can choose which screen you want to capture or capture them ALL.

Color Capture
Color Capture
Turn your mouse pointer into a magnifier that allows you to zoom into anything on your screen right down to a single pixel. Then capture the color of that pixel and save it to your palette to use in your own creations.

Text Capture*
Text Capture*
Use this tool to draw a rectangle around any region of your screen. Any text that is inside the rectangle will be extracted to your clipboard.

Window Ruler
Window Ruler
Place a pixel ruler on your screen that you can move, position horizontally or vertically, and resize to measure anything on your screen.

Edit, Save, and Share your Captures

Create a PDF
Create a PDF
Quickly and easily create a PDF file featuring your captured image(s). Simply select one or more captured images, click the Create PDF button, and create a Portable Document Format (PDF) file that is ideal for archiving, e-mailing, and publishing on a Web site.

Solid Capture's simple print options allow you to easily format your captures and print them using a selected layout option.

Save to Your Choice of Format
Save to Your Choice of Format
Save one or more of your screen captures to your choice of image format. You can choose any of the following formats: PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF, or BMP.

Edit Image
Edit Image
Send your screen captures to your favorite image editing program. Solid Capture also allows you to easily change your output settings any time, so your screen captures will always be sent to the image editing program of your choice.

E-mail Instantly
E-mail Instantly
Drop your screen captures directly into e-mail for fast and easy sharing. You can choose to add your captures as attachments, embed them in the message, or create a PDF attachment.

Extract and Edit Text*
Extract and Edit Text*
Is there text in your captured image that you would like to re-use? You can "pull" the text right out of your capture and export it to a text editor in one step.

*Microsoft® Office 2003 or higher is required for text capture and text editing

Simple and Intuitive Interface

Solid Capture
  • Main Toolbar - Use the toolbar to easily activate various capture functions, change program settings, and access the help file.
  • Action Buttons - Once you have captured your screen, use the action buttons to print, edit, e-mail, save, and more.
  • Preview Window - The Preview Window allows you view your selected captures as well as add or edit captions for each image.
  • Selection Strip - Use the Selection Strip to select one or more captures to edit, save, print and more. You can also drag-and-drop images into and out of the Selection Strip from locations including folders, editors, and Web browsers.

System Requirements
  • For Microsoft® Windows® 2000, 2003, XP, Vista® or Windows 7.

Getting This Software for Free?

1) Go to this Promo Page
Enter all relevant Fields and check your e-mail for your personal key

2) Download the Software From here

Enter the Key and there you are with a fully working Software for Free
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Spice New Phone with Dual SIM (3G+2G) Facility G-6565

3G Phone
3G is the next generation of mobile communications systems. It enhances the services such as multimedia, high speed mobile broadband, internet access with the ability to view video footage on your mobile handset. So… whom to wait..Rush with G-6565 - 3G Phone of SPICE….If you want to speed through web pages, enjoy streaming music videos, play 3D games, or share your favorite stuff- G-6565 has all at an electric speed onboard!
Video Calling
Wanna see alive to whom you had called upon…… How to do???.. No need to force your mind . . With Spice 3 G enabled G-6565 ,video calling is made possible with a forward facing camera built into the screen of the phone which really provides real-time video calling.
One Touch MP3 Player
G-6565 is a perfect entertainer anytime, anywhere. This phone comes with a Music Player feature so that you can Listen to songs at just a click of the button. Start audio by just single press center key.
Hands free comfort was never so easy! With G-6565’s Bluetooth technology you can comfortably talk business and share images, video clips, music, sound clips and notes with your friends. G-6565 is equipped with One-key (Press of Right key) access to the Bluetooth.
High Speed Data Access / Java
Now, get the high speed BROADBAND access on the Go…… With SPICE G-6565 , 3G enabled handset you can surf internet on your phone on a broadband speed so that you have the power to connect to world in a faster way G-6565 also supports Java, you can download JAVA games & applications 
PriceMRP Rs. 10,999
Available                                                           ColorBlack
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Spice Mobile M-6 Sports Phone

Sleek & Sporty Look
Are you a Sports freak..!!! Now boast your passion for sports by using M-6 Sports. Stylish, sleek and sporty, M-6 Sports is embedded with Yahoo Sports and features 1.3 megapixel camera, social networking and lots of java applications. Available in green and orange color, this is the handset that you have ever wished for. Now compliment your sporty personality with your M-6 sports.
Multi SIM
Keep up with life’s increasing demands. M-6Sports is a Multi SIM (GSM+GSM) phone with dual standby that lets you stay connected with your loved ones without having to carry two different phones. Switch between your personal and professional life at the click of a button with its two Live SIMs. Go for M-6Sports and enjoy the advantage of the two GSM connections in the same phone!
Large Screen
Finally, phones that don’t strain your eyes. Everything is big and up close with the M-6Sports big 2.2”screen .
Stereo Bluetooth
Hands free comfort was never so easy! With M-6Sports’s Bluetooth technology you can comfortably talk business and share images, music, & sound clips with your friends.
One Touch FM and MP3 Player
True to its name, M-6Sports comes with One Touch FM and MP3 Player.
1.3MP Camera With Vidio Playback
M-6Sports also has 1.3MP Camera . Not only this, you can record your own videos .Not only this, you can also use this as a webcam while you chat. So why stay out of the league when you have M-6Sports to make you smart and perfect.
Expandable Memory
M-6Sports comes with an expandable memory up to 4 GB that allows you to record as many songs and videos you want, shoot as much as you want and store as much as you want.
PriceMRP Rs. 4,499
Available Color                               Orange & Green                                                                        
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Friday, July 30, 2010



Features and Benefits

Confidently download, share and open files from friends, family, co-workers - and even total strangers
  • Protects against viruses and other malware using industry-leading technologyNEW
  • Scans all Web, e-mail and instant messaging traffic in real-time
  • Provides an unmatched detection rate of new threats based on two different proactive technologies
  • Blocks spyware programs that track your online activities
Protect your identity: shop, bank, listen and watch, privately and securely
  • Blocks web pages that attempt to steal your credit card data
  • Prevents personal information from leaking via e-mail, Web or instant messagingNEW
Guard your files and conversations with top-of-the line encryption
  • Instant Messaging Encryption keeps your conversations private on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger
  • File Vault securely stores personal information or sensitive files
Connect securely to any network at home, at the office, or away
  • The two-way firewall automatically secures your Internet connection wherever you are
  • Wi-Fi monitor helps prevent unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi network
Protect your family and their computers
  • Parental Control blocks access to inappropriate websites and e-mail
  • Limits kids’ access the Internet, games, etc. to specific times
  • Makes it easy for you to manage the security of your network from a single location
Play safely, play seamlessly
  • Reduces the system load and avoids requesting user interaction during game play
Get fine-tuned performance from your computer
  • Optimized scanning technology skips safe files for better scan speed and lower system load
  • Antispam stops unwanted e-mail from reaching your Inbox
  • Laptop Mode prolongs battery life
Let professionals solve any security issues
  • Assistance with common issues built directly into the product
  • Free technical support for the entire duration of the product license
Getting This Software For Free?

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Download Fully Licensed Bitdefender internet security 2010 for 90 days
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Get SMS Alerts for Your Landline Bill Generated From BSNL

Bsnl has Launched it's new Flash Service By which Following services can be accessed via Mobile
he total SMS alerts categories available are as below:

  • Invoice generated

  • Customer birthday/Anniversary wishes

  • Fault booking

  • Fault clearance

  • Payment reminder, 2 days before due date

  • Payment acknowledgement

  • Land line subscribers are requested to register their mobile no. (BSNL or Other operators) to get alerts for bill raised , payment acknowledgement, Broad Band usage, fault booking and clearance etc. At present this facility is available for the subscribers in the following Telecom districts, which are being billed from BSNL’s new billing system.

  • Bhubneshwar, Bhopal,Balasore, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Hassan, Kodagu, Jammu

  • Kamrup, Kalyan, Lucknow, Meeruth, Jaipur,Raipur,Tejpur, Tuticorin, Tirunelvelli, Vellore

  • Shimla, Jalandhar, Baripada, Keonjhar, Cuttak, Tanjavur, Virudhnagar, Jorhat

  • Salem, Pondicherry, Ujjain, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Nasik, Aurangabad

  • To Activate the Service send SMS to 09404001111
    (a)For Registration of Mobile No Only,Send SMS
    in the format: reg * as printed on bill
    For example reg 07712593793*10001361147
    (b)For Registration of mobile no. & Email ID,Send SMS
    in the format: reg **
    For example reg 07712593793*10001361147*

    To deactivate the Service send SMS to 09404001111
    (a)For Cancellation of both mobile and email address,Send SMS
    in the format: can * as printed on bill
    For example can 07712593793*10001361147
    (b)For Cancellation of Mobile no. Only,Send SMS
    in the format: canm *
    For example canm 07712593793*10001361147
    (c)For Cancellation of email Address Only,Send SMS
    in the format: cane *
    For example cane 07712593793*10001361147

    Online Activation can be done Via this link

    Source:  BSNL WEBSITE 

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    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Free iSkysoft DVD to iPhone Converter

    iSkysoft DVD to iPhone Converter for Windows is a professional DVD to iPhone converter software to rip and convert DVD to iPhone 4 MP4, M4V files and extract music from DVD to AAC, MP3 files with great quality and high converting speed!
    This powerful DVD to iPhone Converter can also rip DVD to to iPod and Apple TV. It provides a series of powerful settings such as selecting DVD subtitle and audio track, choosing any chapters or titles to convert, trimming DVD title or chapter, setting video brightness, contrast, saturation, and even converting all selected DVD movie titles or chapters into one file.
    Besides the powerful functions, This iPhone 3G converter is also easy-to-use! Enjoy your DVD movies on your widescreen iPhone(3G) with just a few easy clicks with iSkysoft DVD to iPhone Converter for Windows!

    DVD to iPhone Converter for Windows Key features

    Convert DVD to iPhone video
    This DVD to iPhone converter can Rip DVD movies to iPhone MP4 (480*320) and M4V video pefectly on windows.
    Convert DVD audio to MP3
    Convert DVD audio to MP3, M4A, AAC and enjoy your DVD sound track on iPhone and other audio players.
    Support iPod and Apple TV
    Convert DVD to iPhone (iPhone 3G), iPhone 4 as well as iPod touch and Apple TV on PC.
    Select DVD subtitle and audio track
    Select any available subtitle and audio track on your DVD.
    Advanced encoding settings
    Set video encoding settings including resolution, frame rate, encoder, and bit rate, and set audio output settings including sample rate, channel, encoder and bit rate.
    Merge file
    iSkysoft DVD to iPhone Converter for Windows allows you to convert selected titles or chapters into one file.
    Trim DVD title or chapter
    Trim the length of any title or chapter to convert your favorite clips.
    Video crop
    Crop your DVD video to remove black bars.
    Set video effects
    Customize movie video effects by setting video brightness, contrast, saturation, and applying any special video effects.
    Preview your movie before conversion to adjust the output settings and quality.
    Easy to use
    With its easy interface, you can convert DVD movies to iPhone(3GS) with only a few simple and intuitive steps.

    DVD to iPhone Converter for Windows Reference

    Input Source DVD Video, DVD IFO file, DVD folder
    Output Video Formats MP4, MOV, M4V
    Output Audio Formats MP3, M4A, WAV
    Supported Digital Devices iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod, Apple TV, Mobile Phone (Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, Samsung, LG, Smart Phone... ), MP4/MP3 Player, etc.

    DVD to iPhone Converter for Windows System Requirements

    • Windows NT/2000/2003/XP and Windows Vista
    • 1G Hz CPU or above
    • 128 MB of RAM (256 MB Recommended)
    • any VGA card

    What's New in DVD to iPhone Converter for Windows v2.3.3

    1. Support iPhone 4 HD video format.
     Getting this Software for Free?

    1) Visit this Promo Page
    You will be redirected to facebook page

    Fill in all the relevant information and get your personal keycode

    Download the software from here

    For windows

    For Mac
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    Free ACDSee Pro Photo Manager 3

    As a photographer, you have thousands of photos and generate more every day. With the flexibility offered by ACDSee Pro, you can customize your digital asset management to the way you like to work, making it easier to stay organized.

    Instant access

    Access your folders and files live, in real time. Unlike catalog-based photo applications, you don’t need to spend valuable time importing files that are already on your system and connected devices.

    Metadata management

    Adjust and leverage the EXIF, IPTC, XMP and custom metadata in your images with easy to use tools.

    Fast and easy searching

    Find individual photos or groups of images quickly and easily by image metadata and properties with powerful search capabilities.

    Flexible browsing

    Assign photos to one or more virtual categories for powerful browsing that is custom-designed for your collection.

    Fast viewing

    Display and examine full-size photos at unparalleled speeds with ACDSee Pro’s powerful image viewing technology. View over 100 different file types.
    "Very nice program, just like the previous versions. If someone who is taking pictures, and serious about it, and wants post processing to correct images that need a little tweaking, ACDSee Pro version 3.0 would be the best tool for that. Thanks ACDSee for creating another edition of your fine product."
    - Terrence Gabriel, Landscape Photographer and Computer Network Technician, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

    One-stop image processing

    Quickly and easily complete global non-destructive adjustments and pixel-level edits in one intuitive workflow. Process camera RAW files, JPEGs and more. See the complete list of supported RAW formats.

    Non-destructive editing

    Easily perfect the exposure, color, clarity and geometry of your photos in Develop sub-mode, your non-destructive workshop.

    Pixel-level editing

    Quickly prepare your photos for publishing with ACDSee Pro’s pixel-level editor. Add watermarks, text, captions, vignettes and more.

    Professional presentation

    Effortlessly present, protect and archive your work with ACDSee Pro’s robust set of publishing tools. Create presentations, print and e-mail your photos, and easily manage your web presence with uploaders to flickr™, SmugMug, Zenfolio and your FTP accounts.

    Easy online publishing

    Simply drag and drop photos and folders from within ACDSee Pro to share and store images at your free* account on the ACDSee Online website.

    Getting This Software for Free?

    1) Go to this Promo Page
    2) Download the Software from Here

    Enter Key and Enjoy a fully Working Software For Free

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