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Free Exprt PDF 6

What are PDFs and do I need them?
PDF stands for Portable Document Format and has become a standard way to distribute and share electronic
documents. This is because PDF offers improved security measures as PDFs have a far lower risk of being infected with a virus. Also, PDF is becoming a commonly accepted format amongst computer users which means that anyone with a PDF viewer can open them, regardless of the software used to create the original document. Create PDF
Expert PDF 6 is the complete PDF creator and PDF writer tool. It lets you create PDF files from any document that you are working on so that you can save and send your work securely.
Edit PDF and modify
Once created you can view and edit PDF documents as easily as Word documents using the Expert PDF Editor. You can modify text, images, layout or add comments quickly and easily. Expert PDF 6 can also be used as a default viewer for all your PDF documents.
Convert PDF to Word
If you receive a PDF that you want to change, Expert PDF 6 enables you to convert PDF to Word using the PDF converter. Simply make the changes and save it back into PDF before saving or sending the PDF file.
PDF to Word conversion - One click conversion of any PDF into a document that can be read and modified in Microsoft Word. Expert PDF also places a handy link on your desktop to provide easy access to this useful program. Easy conversion of a PDF file into a PDF Form, which can then be filled in on screen with only a standard PDF Reader!Win 7 Ready
Create new and fully customised PDF forms, and edit existing ones.
  • Add and edit form controls such as Text zones, radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists and action buttons
  • Edit text and object attributes: font, colour, line width, display options…
  • Associate actions to objects within the PDF Forms: eg auto complete, opening web pages etc
Document Management – Expert PDF includes support for the Bates numbering system which is widely used in the legal, medical and business worlds.
Multiple document merge - Select several documents in various formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, URL, etc.) for conversion as a single PDF, or as separate PDF files.
Integrated toolbar – Expert PDF 6 is fully integrated into Word® and Excel® toolbars, making it easy to convert a document into PDF without switching programs
Image conversion - Documents can be converted into popular formats - JPG, GIF, TIF etc.
Hyperlink and URL management - Direct links within PDF documents to websites, and when you convert your document to a PDF, all hyperlinks are preserved.
Easy Emailing - Convert a file to PDF and email it to a friend or colleague in just two clicks
Text editing features - Cut, copy, paste, resize text and visuals within your PDF
Graphic editing tools - Add images, geometric shapes, Bezier curves, and more to a PDF file.
Annotation tools - Add notes, watermarks, comments and stamps to your PDF documents
Document protection - Secure and protect your PDF file (password encryption) with rights to print, edit and copy etc.
Compatibility - Compatible with Adobe® Acrobat® or Acrobat® Reader® (but not required), all Microsoft Office programs, as well as support for converting Javascript into PDFs.
Secure – Create password protected PDF files for restricted access. 256 bit encryption is also available for PDF files that require the highest security level.
Value for money - PDF files have become an increasingly popular way for people to send electronic documents via email or the internet. However until now, PDF conversion software has been expensive and out of the budget of most individuals and small businesses. Guarantees standard formatting - Some documents may have complex formatting or use special fonts. By converting and sending these as a PDF document you can ensure that the reader sees the document exactly as you intended.
Greater universal compatibility - By using PDF documents you can ensure that the person you're sending it to can read it, even if they don't have the same software that the document was originally created in.
Improved security - If you send invoices or legal documents, then use a PDF as these are far more secure than standard Microsoft Office documents. PDFs also make it very difficult for anyone to tamper with the content of the document.
Saves time and money - By sending your invoices or contracts electronically by PDF you can ensure that they are secure and in a clear format that can't be changed. This can reduce vital time in getting paid or securing a vital contract for your business.
It looks professional - Using PDFs can give your business a professional appearance, and might impress potential customers.
The new Expert PDF 6 has arrived, and is packed with more new features than ever before to make it even easier to work with PDF files. After listening to feedback from thousands of our loyal users, we have included important new features such as creating interactive Forms in your PDFs, support for the Bates Numbering index, and a host of other new tools to streamline the way you work;
New & Improved Features in Expert PDF 6
  • Increased interactivity, with the ability to create Forms in your PDFs
  • New Document Management with support for the Bates Numbering index
  • Improved conversion of hyperlinks into PDF files
  • New support for converting Javascript into PDF files
  • Added security with improved document encryption
  • Easier access to the most popular features
  • Improved ergonomic user interface
System Requirements
Version 6.3
Platform Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit
  • Windows® Vista / 7
    • Pentium IV 2Ghz Processor
    • 512Mb RAM [Rec 1024Mb]
    • 30Mb Disk space
  • Windows® XP/2000
    • Pentium II 400Mhz Processor
    • 128Mb RAM
    • 30Mb Disk space

Getting this Software for Free?

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