Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free Magic Video Converter

Convert any format file to desired format, especially convert to DVD(VIDEO_TS)
Input Video Formats:
  • Any format
Output Video Formats:
  • NEW! *swf;
  • Other format: *avi;*mp4;*3gp; *mpeg; *mov; *wmv; *rm; *.ac3; *.aac; *.mp2,*.mp3; *.amr; *.wav; *.vob; *.asf
NEW! Split video into the desired size
Click split to get the new added pop-up split window.
Automatically split source file: set related parameters at will.
Split source file manually: Just move buttons to set those times at will. Such as start time, end time and duration time.
NEW! Merge many files with same format into unified file
Select files which need to merge together and select the output file directory. Click the "+/-" button to add/delete video files. Also, you can arrange their sequence with the Up Arrow and Down Arrow. Then press "Merge" to start merging, and there will be a new file in you Output Directory.
Burn DVD
Magic Video Converter meets your needs for DVD production. Burn and watch what you shot with your DV in your home theater.
  • NEW! Add the function of splitting batch of videos.

  • NEW! Add function of converting batch video files to DVD folder (VIDEO_TS).

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    Enjoy a full working copy of the software for free

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