Friday, July 30, 2010

Get SMS Alerts for Your Landline Bill Generated From BSNL

Bsnl has Launched it's new Flash Service By which Following services can be accessed via Mobile
he total SMS alerts categories available are as below:

  • Invoice generated

  • Customer birthday/Anniversary wishes

  • Fault booking

  • Fault clearance

  • Payment reminder, 2 days before due date

  • Payment acknowledgement

  • Land line subscribers are requested to register their mobile no. (BSNL or Other operators) to get alerts for bill raised , payment acknowledgement, Broad Band usage, fault booking and clearance etc. At present this facility is available for the subscribers in the following Telecom districts, which are being billed from BSNL’s new billing system.

  • Bhubneshwar, Bhopal,Balasore, Dehradun, Hyderabad, Hassan, Kodagu, Jammu

  • Kamrup, Kalyan, Lucknow, Meeruth, Jaipur,Raipur,Tejpur, Tuticorin, Tirunelvelli, Vellore

  • Shimla, Jalandhar, Baripada, Keonjhar, Cuttak, Tanjavur, Virudhnagar, Jorhat

  • Salem, Pondicherry, Ujjain, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Nasik, Aurangabad

  • To Activate the Service send SMS to 09404001111
    (a)For Registration of Mobile No Only,Send SMS
    in the format: reg * as printed on bill
    For example reg 07712593793*10001361147
    (b)For Registration of mobile no. & Email ID,Send SMS
    in the format: reg **
    For example reg 07712593793*10001361147*

    To deactivate the Service send SMS to 09404001111
    (a)For Cancellation of both mobile and email address,Send SMS
    in the format: can * as printed on bill
    For example can 07712593793*10001361147
    (b)For Cancellation of Mobile no. Only,Send SMS
    in the format: canm *
    For example canm 07712593793*10001361147
    (c)For Cancellation of email Address Only,Send SMS
    in the format: cane *
    For example cane 07712593793*10001361147

    Online Activation can be done Via this link

    Source:  BSNL WEBSITE 

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