Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spice Mobile M-6 Sports Phone

Sleek & Sporty Look
Are you a Sports freak..!!! Now boast your passion for sports by using M-6 Sports. Stylish, sleek and sporty, M-6 Sports is embedded with Yahoo Sports and features 1.3 megapixel camera, social networking and lots of java applications. Available in green and orange color, this is the handset that you have ever wished for. Now compliment your sporty personality with your M-6 sports.
Multi SIM
Keep up with life’s increasing demands. M-6Sports is a Multi SIM (GSM+GSM) phone with dual standby that lets you stay connected with your loved ones without having to carry two different phones. Switch between your personal and professional life at the click of a button with its two Live SIMs. Go for M-6Sports and enjoy the advantage of the two GSM connections in the same phone!
Large Screen
Finally, phones that don’t strain your eyes. Everything is big and up close with the M-6Sports big 2.2”screen .
Stereo Bluetooth
Hands free comfort was never so easy! With M-6Sports’s Bluetooth technology you can comfortably talk business and share images, music, & sound clips with your friends.
One Touch FM and MP3 Player
True to its name, M-6Sports comes with One Touch FM and MP3 Player.
1.3MP Camera With Vidio Playback
M-6Sports also has 1.3MP Camera . Not only this, you can record your own videos .Not only this, you can also use this as a webcam while you chat. So why stay out of the league when you have M-6Sports to make you smart and perfect.
Expandable Memory
M-6Sports comes with an expandable memory up to 4 GB that allows you to record as many songs and videos you want, shoot as much as you want and store as much as you want.
PriceMRP Rs. 4,499
Available Color                               Orange & Green                                                                        

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