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Free AutoPlay Media Studio 8 Only For Home Users

AutoPlay Media Studio 8

Are you looking for a fast, easy way to create software applications for the Microsoft Windows operating system? If so, AutoPlay Media Studio is just what the doctor ordered!
AutoPlay Media Studio 8 delivers on the promise of rapid application development. What would normally take days or weeks to build using traditional software development tools (C, C++, Java, Visual Basic) can now be created in record time – by just about anyone. And not just simple little scripts and forms. We’re talking about full-featured interactive multimedia applications complete with web interaction, database connectivity, video playback and much more.

Home User or Business User?

Before we continue, it’s important that we make sure you’re reading the correct information. AutoPlay Media Studio 8 is available in two distinct editions. There’s the ‘Personal Edition’ and then there’s the ‘Professional Edition’.
AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition is available FREE for personal, non-commercial use. We created it to help support ‘starving artists’ – students, midnight coders and open sourcers. It’s ideal if you want to create applications that are distributed as freeware, public domain or open-source. It’s also perfect for students and home users who want to learn professional programming techniques using an easy-to-learn RAD (rapid application development) software development system.
If you are part of a company, organization, business entity or unit of government, you can not use the “Personal Edition”. Instead, you should purchase a license for AutoPlay Media Studio Professional Edition. Likewise, if you are an individual who has progressed from prototype to finished project and you now want to distribute your applications for profit or commercial gain, you’ll need to purchase a Pro license. In any case, if you’re wanting to use AutoPlay Media Studio in a commercial manner, please visit the Indigo Rose Software website for trial downloads, purchasing information, technical support and related details.
Now that we understand each other – on with the show!

A Short History of AutoPlay Media Studio

You’re probably already familiar with AutoPlay Media Studio. It’s been the industry standard tool for creating autorun CD/DVD/USB menus for years. (Heck, we invented the category!) All told, hundreds of millions of discs have been distributed thanks to AutoPlay Media Studio (and its grandfather, AutoPlay Menu Studio).
What you may not know is that AutoPlay Media Studio has become a secret weapon for thousands of savvy software developers, consultants and IT professionals. Realizing its unique rapid-programming potential, developers started using it to prototype and build full-scale graphically rich multimedia software applications. Once it became apparent just how much time and money they could save, there was no turning back.
Which brings us to where we are now – the release of the most significant version of AutoPlay Media Studio yet. With version 8, our goal was to improve everything software developers loved about AutoPlay Media Studio, while pushing it fully into the realm of rapid application development. We think you’re going to be extremely impressed.

Create Software Faster with AutoPlay Media Studio 8

Of course, AutoPlay Media Studio is still the best tool out there for making autorun/autoplay menus for CD/DVD-ROM, USB drives and now BLU-RAY data discs. However, with the release of AutoPlay Media Studio 8, there’s a whole new world of possibilities.
AutoPlay Media Studio 8 is a complete visual software-programming environment. Use it to rapidly create full-featured software applications for use on Microsoft’s Windows operating system.
AutoPlay Media Studio’s visual approach to software creation makes it easy for you to create Windows software programs, even if you have absolutely no computer programming experience. By combining our award-winning WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) drag-and-drop development environment with a powerful (yet really easy-to-use) scripting language, AutoPlay Media Studio gives you the power to quickly create just about any software application you can dream up.
Simply drag and drop interactive objects and controls onto pages and dialog boxes, arranging their layout with your mouse. Then, adding interactivity is a snap. With a few mouse clicks you can add buttons to navigate between pages, start and stop videos, display dialog boxes and input forms, run programs, open documents, send emails, view websites, download files and so much more. The only limit is your imagination!
There’s no faster or better software development tool for combining multimedia elements (videos, images, sound effects, music and flash animations) with advanced scripting logic, database manipulation, text parsing, web interaction, document display (PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word), data collection and graphically-rich data visualization.
You’ll turn to AutoPlay Media Studio 8 over and over again to quickly create full-featured software applications. It’s destined to become an indispensable part of your software development toolbox.

A Complete Software Development System

AutoPlay Media Studio 8 is the result of nearly 20 years of experience in creating professional software development tools. With over 20,000 software developers using our products around the world, you are definitely in good company.
Create professional autorun CD/DVD’s and thousands of other multimedia software applications. Perfect for database programming, business application development, software prototyping, training applications, network utilities, proof of concept, software test automation and agile software development projects.
Auto Play Media Studio 8 is designed to make developing professional applications as easy as possible, even with no previous programming experience. Drag and drop your content onto a page and then double-click to edit. It’s incredibly simple to do. Additionally, the newly revamped Project Explorer organizes everything for you (pages, dialogs, objects and events), giving you an overview of your entire project in one place.
There are nearly two dozen interactive object types to choose from such as buttons, videos, web/HTML, Flash, QuickTime, PDF, checkboxes, radio buttons, edit fields, rich text, slideshows, data grids, menu bars and tree controls. Plus, add additional functionality with Object plugins created by Indigo Rose Software and other 3rd party developers.
Choose from a variety of ready-to-use projects and then modify them to fit your needs. We include examples of software installer menus, electronic business cards, interactive brochures and many others.
The applications you create using AutoPlay Media Studio 8 are designed to work on the Microsoft Windows operating system. This includes Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Includes more than 865 high level actions with everything from XML parsing and database queries to web server script interaction, file transfers and much more. Plus, easily expand the language with drop-in Action plugins and Lua modules. The professional script editor features color syntax highlighting, code completion, function highlighting, as-you-type action prototypes, Ctrl+Space function listings, and even context-sensitive help.
You don’t have to be a wizard to create powerful software applications – we’ve built the wizard right into the software! Choose the action you want to use, fill in the requested information fields and the wizard writes the script for you.
AutoPlay Media Studio excels at combining diverse media types into a single application. There are objects like QuickTime, Flash, Slideshow and Video among them. Even the audio handling features alone can save you weeks of work. For example, creating voiceovers on top of background music tracks are a snap. In fact, you can play up to eight channels of audio simultaneously with automatic selection of either hardware or software mixing.
Distributing your finished project is a snap. Whether you’d like to create a single-file executable for distribution by web download or email, or burn it directly to CD-R/CD-RW, DVD±R/DVD±RW or Blu-Ray media, it just takes a few clicks. Simply insert a blank disc and the wizard will burn your project for you.
AutoPlay Media Studio developers are a friendly bunch of people. Join our online community forums where you’ll be able to share ideas, learn tips and tricks, and discover hundreds of new uses for this empowering tool.

Download AutoPlay Media Studio 8 Personal Edition

If you can agree with the following statements, click on the link below to proceed with your non-commercial download.
1. My use of AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition is for personal non-commercial purposes.
2. I understand that technical support will be provided by community self-help and user forums. In order to get personal technical support, I would need to purchase AutoPlay Media Studio Professional Edition.
Download AutoPlay Media Studio 8 Personal Edition Here!

Learn More About AutoPlay Media Studio

There’s lots more to explore! Click on one of the following links to find out more…

Free for Personal Use. Only $295 for Business!

t’s true! And no, we haven’t lost our minds. In fact, we think it makes perfect sense. So, “why”, you ask, would we just give away AutoPlay Media Studio – our best-selling software development tool? The answer is simple. We want to change the world… Muhahahaha!

AutoPlay Media Studio – Free??? What’s the Catch?

OK, you caught us. There are three ‘catches’, but they’re really easy to understand. They’re also pretty sensible.
  1. AutoPlay Media Studio is only free if you’re using it for personal, non-commercial use. If you’re using it to make money, you’ll have to pony up the license fee (fortunately, that’s also a steal at $295). After all, we do need to stay stocked with wine and potatoes. The winters in Canada can be quite harsh otherwise.
  2. Technical support is only available through the community forums. In order to get personal technical support, you would need to purchase AutoPlay Media Studio Professional Edition.
  3. The software is exactly the same, whether you are using the ‘personal edition’ or the ‘professional edition’. Same features. Same objects. Same scripting actions. Same. Same. Same. But… (heh), if you build with the ‘personal edition’, we’re going to display a small logo splash image when your application shuts down. It says ‘Powered by AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition’. That’s it. Two and a half seconds of promo, so other aspiring software developers might look us up, just like you did.
Sound fair? We thought so too.

Go Forth and Create!

Getting back to that whole changing the world thing… We’re serious. We don’t need to hold hands and sing, but let’s just call it a big ‘ol experiment.
AutoPlay Media Studio is a very empowering tool. People who didn’t realize they could write computer software now know they can. And easily too! And easily too! Knowledge is a great equalizer. By lowering the economic barrier and giving away the tools for free, we sincerely hope that good ideas will come to life. Ideas that wouldn’t have been possible before. While AutoPlay Media Studio itself may not change the world, we do expect you folks to do it.
If you’re a student or just starting to learn to program, this is your big chance. What better way to learn professional programming techniques than to use the same easy-to-learn RAD (rapid application development) software development tool that real professionals use?
On the other hand, if you’re a grizzled veteran or midnight coder, this is the perfect opportunity to write some freeware, public domain or open-source applications. AutoPlay Media Studio’s visual development environment and strong multimedia capabilities will really help spur your imagination.
There’s lots of room for both sides and everyone in-between. Let us know what you build – and please help spread the word!
The Fine Print
If you are part of a company, organization, business entity or unit of government, you can not use the “Personal Edition”. Instead, you should purchase a license for AutoPlay Media Studio Professional Edition. Likewise, if you are an individual who has progressed from prototype to finished project and you now want to distribute your applications for profit or commercial gain, you’ll need to purchase a Pro license.
I’m not a lawyer, but the spirit of this agreement is that if you’re a student, a home user or someone who is writing applications that are to be distributed as freeware, public domain or open-source, you can use AutoPlay Media Studio Personal Edition. Otherwise, you can’t. Don’t let Karma be the judge… If you think you should pay, you should.

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