Monday, August 2, 2010

Free PhotoFiltre Studio- Convert backgroung of your Image to Greyscale


Photo Black & Color allows you to make a partial desaturation on an image by selecting the colors
to keep. The partial desaturation is when you preserve a colored subject and let the rest of the image

Principle of use

To get good results, better choose images with one main subject with colors different from the
background colors, such as flowers, fruit or other. Using the pipette tool, click on the colors you
want to keep -they will be displayed in the color list. In general, 3 clicks on the dark areas, 3 clicks
on the intermediate ones and 3 clicks on the light ones are enough for a first approach.

After the execution is done, a new image is displayed. It contains greyscaled areas and areas
which colors were kept according to different parameters you selected.

Download from here:

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