Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bsnl Special SMS Vouchers For both 2g&3g For KARNATAKA Circle

Launching of STVs [ Special Tariff Vouchers]
for SMS in 2G & 3G pre-paid schemes.
Karnataka Circle has introduced Two Special Tariff
Vouchers [STVs] costing Rs.11 and Rs.28 for SMS purpose
for all the pre-paid plans including Circle Promotional
Offers in 2G & 3G Services during July-2010 . This can
be used in addition to the Voice STVs and GPRS STVs
. The features of the two SMS Pack STVs are as indicated
below. At the end of 30 days the customer has to recharge
with Rs.11 or Rs.28 , through CTOP UP to avail the features
for further 30 days. Free SMS will not be available on 5
Blackout days that is [1] 31 st Dec [2] 1 st Jan [3] Valentine
day [4] Diwali & [5] Christmas Day. Normal SMS Charge as
per concerned plan will be applicable in the above days.
SMS STV MRP National / Local / Roaming SMS Validity .
[1] Rs.11 . At 1 P / SMS . 30 days.
[2]Rs.28 .
(a) Local 300 SMS Free per day. 30 days.
(b) National 20 SMS Free per day.
Exceeding Free Local SMS Tariff will be as per the concerned
plan .
Exceeding Free National SMS Tariff will be as per the concerned
(c) Inter National Rs.5.00 per SMS.

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