Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free PYLOAD Download manager- Can Download From Rapidshare & Megaupload


pyLoad is a fast, lightweight and full featured download manager for many One-Click-Hoster, container formats like DLC, video sites or just plain http/ftp links. It aims for low hardware requirements and platform independence to be runnable on all kind of systems (desktop pc, netbook, NAS, router).
Despite its strict restriction it is packed full of features just like webinterface, captcha recognition, unrar and much more.

pyLoad is divided into core and clients, to make it easily remote accessible


Some main advantages at a glance:
  • completely written in python
  • low hardware requirements
  • features many One-Click-Hoster
  • including premium support, captcha recognition, reconnect feature
  • DLC, CCF, RSDF support
  • easily remote accessible via webinterface or GUI
  • free support at irc or forum
  • released under GPL
 Here you find some currently supported hosters


  • DepositFiles
  • Megaupload

Free only

  • Zippyshare
  • FreakShare
  • Redtube
  • Youtube
  • Myvideo
  • ShareCx
  • XDCC
 Download The Software Fro Here:

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