Saturday, November 27, 2010

Free SnowFox iMedia Transfer for Mac

SnowFox iMedia Transfer for Mac, a best combination of iPod Transfer, iPhone Transfer and iPad Transfer on Mac.

With this iMedia Transfer, you can easily transfer movies / music / podcast / tv shows from iPad / iPhone / iPod to computer or iTunes. Support latest iTunes 10.1. So that you can easily backup your videos or music to your computer, and also transfer to another apple device.

transfer from ipad to computer

iPad Transfer on Mac - Transfer iPad Movie / Music / Photo

Transfer iPad Movie to Computer / iTunes

As an iPad transfer on Mac, it helps to transfer movies, tv shows, podcasts from iPad to your Mac, or to iTunes library.

Transfer iPad Music to Computer / iTunes

Transfer iPad music to computer on Mac, then you can backup your music on computer, or on another iPad.

Transfer iPad Photo to Computer

Not enough space to store photos on iPad? Just transfer them to computer to left more room in iPad.

iPhone Transfer on Mac - Transfer iPhone Movie / Music / Photo

Copy iPhone Movie to Computer / iTunes

iTunes don't allow to copy iphone movies to Computer, but we do. Connect your iPhone to computer, then you can copy any movie. tv shows, podcasts from iPhone to Mac as you wish .

Copy iPhone Music to Computer / iTunes

Same as movies, iPhone music can be transfered, too. This iPhone Transfer will copy music for you.

Copy iPhone Photo to Computer

If you have taken a lot of photos on your journey, it's better to copy them to your Mac. Even a 32G iPhone can't store too much photos.

transfer from iphone to computer
transfer from ipod to computer

iPod Transfer - Transfer iPod Movie / Music / Photo

Transfer Movie from iPod to Computer / iTunes

You ara available to transfer movie, podcasts, tv shows from iPod to Computer in order to backup them or play on iTunes.

Transfer Music from iPod to Computer / iTunes

Same as movies, this iPod Transfer will help to transfer the music you backup on iPod to your Mac or to iTunes library.

Transfer Photo from iPod to Computer

Backup your photos from iPod to mac computer, and also backup on other iPod or new bought iPad.

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