Thursday, November 4, 2010

Free Sophos Antivirus For MAC

Key features


Stop malware with fast scanning, built-in intrusion prevention and live in-the-cloud protection technologies.
Platforms protected:

Live protection

Protect users against the new threats with in-the-cloud checks against the latest threat data and malicious URLs.


Gain instant visibility of security issues for all computers with one console for Windows, Macs, Linux and UNIX.

Application Control

Reduce infection, data loss and productivity risks by blocking the use of unauthorized applications.

Device Control

Reduce the risk of data loss and malware infection with granular policies to control removable storage devices.

Data Loss Prevention

Simplify DLP deployment with scanning uniquely built into the endpoint agent to monitor the transfer of sensitive data.


Meet compliance needs by securing data on computers and removable media with proven SafeGuard encryption.

Network Access Control

Ensure compliance with your security policy and patch status by assessing managed and guest computers.
Getting this Software For Free?

1) Download the Software From here and you will get full version for free

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