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Free FlippingBook Photographer- Online Photo Album Builder

Autoflow - Quick Photo Album Builder

Newly we have introduced ‘Master’ (‘Autoflow’) for our new brand software for making photo albums - FlippingBook Photographer.
‘Autoflow’ – is a photo album wizard that can almost speak with you. It can ask what you need and offer all the best it can. For saving the time let the ‘Autoflow’ think and create for you. Just specify what you like and the intelli software will meet your expectations.
It needs 3 easies steps to be passed by you to create an amazing photo album. Do you need to bring a new beautiful sight to the photos from the last-night event or summer vacation? Follow these steps and you would be happily surprised.

Select Photos

When you launch the ‘Autoflow’ wizard from the Control Panel of FlippingBook Photographer by clicking the ‘Autoflow’ button, it will start on the first step that will ask you to select the folder with your photos or specify the image files that you want to use for creating a photo album

Select photos to create a photo album. After you select the images, you can see the thumbnails of the selected images within the window. Also the number of the images can be viewed any time at the bottom left corner. If you need to remove any of these photos, just select an image and click the ‘Remove selected’ button. When your list of the pictures is ready and you are sure to continue, click the ‘Next’ button to go to the next step of building a photo album.

Add or remove photos to your photo album.

Choose Templates

The next window is similar to the first one, but it asks you to choose templates instead of images of the coming photo album. You do not need to choose the order of the templates or move the photos to the templates. All this routine work would be done by the ‘Autoflow’ wizard. Just select templates you need or remove that ones you do not like and the software will generate and show it for you in a moment. When you finish your templates selecting process, you can preview how it looks and can refresh the view of the images by clicking ‘Preview Pages’ button. Selecting a template is very easy. Open a window with all templates by clicking ‘Add Template’. To select a template just click on it or click once again to cancel the selection.

Select the templates for your photo album. Also if you are going to remove a group of the templates select the first and the last items holding ‘Shift’ button on your keyboard. When you are ready and the templates and images of the photo album are selected follow to the ‘Customize’ step by clicking the ‘Next’ button.

Let the ‘Autoflow’ wizard set the order of templates and images in the photo album.


This is the final step of the photo album creation when you can choose the look & feel: set caption of the photo album, page and background colors and also set a custom background image. The photo margin value can be changed on this step too. The caption of the photo album can be changed in the ‘Publication Name’ text field. Just type the name you want and continue with colors settings. Customize the colors of the photo album by clicking on the proper fields that will automatically engage the color picker tool.

The Color Picker tool.
Customize the look & feel of your photo album. Slide through the ‘Photo margin’ control to set the margin between photos or change the background with your custom image. After you set the margin and a background image you can click the ‘Finish’ button to open FlippingBook Photographer with your completed photo album. It takes several seconds to create and open the photo album with FlippingBook Photographer.

A completed photo album. After you get the photo album on FlippingBook Photographer you can continue to design the look and feel or publish and upload it to your website. Enjoy an amazing photo album and save your time using new ‘Autoflow’ feature of FlippingBook Photographer.

Test and Upload

Before launching a ready HTML photo album in the browser right from your PC without uploading to you server some features might be blocked. This is caused by the Flash Player’s security policy for SWF files used locally. To solve this problem, you need to upload your photo album onto the website, or to add the photo album’s catalogue (folder) to the Trusted Locations list, with the help of this Adobe online editor:
Now you can open your photo album in any browser or upload it to your FTP-server. Just move or copy files and folders from a destination folder to a directory of your server via any FTP client. After uploading on your server you can be able easily open it on the sited address and enjoy the photo album. Your photo album’s web address will look like this after uploading it to ‘photo-albums’ folder on Remember that ‘index.html’ is a main page of your photo album (by default).

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