Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Free Virtualization Manager 2010 Professional

Virtual machine creation
Virtualization Manager 2010 Professional makes it possible to create a virtual machine. Download any of the supported virtual machines and then run our Virtualization Manager 2010. In the previous version it was only possible  to create a virtual disk file with data as a result of P2V migration, which had then to be attached to the user-created virtual machine.

Disk configuration

  • After migrating a computer with several HDD to one virtual machine the program will create several virtual disk files according to the initial system configuration.
  • You can place specific partitions from several HDD on one virtual disk.
  • You can convert complex Paragon Backup archives with several volumes to a virtual machine.

Window backup format support
Use Virtualization Manager 2010 together with an embedded Windows System Backup to create a virtual machine from Vista/Windows backup files.

Virtual disks creation
The previous version required the use of a standalone solution to create empty virtual disks for each virtual machine, you can now do this within Virtualization Manager 2010.

Preserve hard disk signatures
Virtualization Manager 2010 preserves hard disk signatures during a migration. This allows converted volumes to have the same drive letters inside the virtual machine as they had in the original Windows system.

Virtual Disk Connection Improvements:

"Connect VD" in the read-only mode
In the case of accidental data loss, Virtualization Manager now lets you use virtual disks a read-only mode, adding another layer of safety to your system and data.

Key Features & Benefits:

Features Benefits
Full Windows OS Support Guaranteed support for any Windows operating system since Win2K (excluding server editions).
P2V Migration Migrate a physical system to a virtual machine or convert a backup image to a virtual disk.
P2V Adjust Recover the OS startup ability after an unsuccessful virtualization by a 3rd party tool.
P2P Adjust Recover the OS startup ability after a system migration to a different hardware platform.
V2V Migration Migrate from one virtual environment to another.
V2P Migration Migrate a virtual system to a physical environment.
File transfer from/to virtual disks Exchange data between your physical environment and the virtual one or between a virtual disk and its snapshots.
Migration without rebooting Windows Hot processing of locked (in-use) hard disks lets you migrate a computer without rebooting and interrupting Windows.
Smart Driver Injector Makes the process of adding new drivers smooth and easy.
Virtual Disk Map Preview changes before they are applied on a handy disk partitioning map.
Flexible Destination Choices Choose any destination for your virtual disks, including a network share.
Differential disks support Transparent processing of virtual machine snapshot disks.
Different VMware™ Disks Support Create either an IDE or a SCSI virtual disk for VMware™ .
Disk File Split for VMware™ Automatically cut virtual images to files of 2 GBs each for better management.

Supported Virtual Machines

Microsoft Virtual PC
VMware™ Workstation
VMware™ Fusion
Oracle VirtualBox

Compared with other Freeware P2V Converter Tools, Virtualization Manager 2010 comes with many valuable advantages:

Features Advantages
Performance Virtualization Manager performs approximately 20% faster (your results may vary)
P2V adjust Freeware tools will not adjust the OS to virtual hardware, leaving the user unable to boot their virtual machine. Virtualization Manager adjusts the OS so the virtual machine will boot successfully.
Selection of virtual hardware Virtualization Manager offers the user a selection of virtual hardware types. Freeware tools typically do not.
Migration of offline systems Freeware tools support the migration of operating systems currently running, but they have problems migrating offline operating systems, especially when there are more than one OS on the disk. Virtualization Manager performs these operations with ease.

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