Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reliance 3G Tariff Plans

What will 3G bring me?

A step-up to a new life.
3G is the next generation mobile technology that completely revolutionises the way you experience your mobile phone.
With the power of high-speed Reliance 3G, enter a whole new world of rich mobile services, where live TV, non-stop entertainment, gaming and a host of applications are just a touch away.

How will Reliance 3G change my life?

Faster speeds. Enhanced experiences. Richer life.
Experience superior network quality with speeds up to 21 Mbps – superfast internet browsing, rich video content, high-speed downloading.
Enjoy brand new multimedia services – video calling, video on demand, rich media gaming, exclusive Reliance 3G content.
Feel the difference on existing services – blazing fast mobile broadband, seamless mobile TV and rich multimedia experience.
Get enhanced security – features to safely execute all your transactions.

3G Tariff Plans :
Reliance 3G Basic Monthly Data Plans  (Post paid & Prepaid)
MRP Free Data Usage 
Rs. 100 100 MB
Rs. 399 500 MB
Rs. 649 1 GB
Rs. 899 3 GB
Rs. 1499 10 GB
Rs. 2100 21 GB
Default Data Charges or Pay As you Go 10p/10 KB up to first 50 Mb and after that 1p/10 KB


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