Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Track your Trains PNR status with this Free service in INDIA

We have previously discussed about MYPNRSTATUS previously which was a free service to track your Train ticket. I have found one more such service

Traverts lets you add 5 Mobile Nos. which will receive regular alerts about the status of your train ticket and the departure / arrival of your train or flight
Setting Up Alerts for Train Travel
Its Simple! Just put in your 10-digit PNR no., the updates that you will like to receive and the mobile nos. of the people that you want the updates to be sent to - People who are travelling on that journey or people who are well-wishers and are waiting for your arrival!
Change in PNR Status Updates are relevant if your train ticket is waitlisted or RAC. Traverts will inform you as soon as your ticket is confirmed or of any change in waitlist and RAC nos.!
Change in Departure Timing Updates keep reminding you, and your well-wishers, of the departure time of the train from the relevant station and update you regularly of any delays in departure.
Change in Arrival Timing Updates are the most important - They inform all users of any change in arrival timings - simple, yet, important!
Just visit this website and fill in your Details

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