Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doxillion Document Converter- Convert from: docx, doc, wpd, pdf, rtf, html and txt

Doxilllion is a multi format document file converter that is very easy to use and is completely free.
  • Convert text documents within minutes of downloading
  • Quick and easy one-click document convert process
  • Batch file converter to convert thousands of files 
Supported Document File Formats
  • Convert from: docx, doc, wpd, pdf, rtf, html and txt
  • Convert to: docx, doc, rtf, html, txt and pdf
Document Converter Features
  • Convert between many different formats
  • Batch converts thousands of files at once
  • Use your right click menu to convert documents from outside the program
  • Drag and drop documents to be converted straight into Doxillion document converter
  • Attempt to repair corrupted documents
  • Integrate with Express Burn Disc Burning Software to create data CD or DVD backups of documents 

 Download here

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