Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Chrometa: A Unique Time Tracker That Will Save You Time

Chrometa gives you a gift like nothing else can. It gives you the gift of time! It is fully automatic, and you do not have to work at keeping records of how you account for your time for work. While there are so many other time trackers out there (a dime a dozen) None are like Chrometa. Chrometa uses the newest cutting edge technology to make the recording of your time not only automatic, but accurate, and has features that bury any competition out there.
I needed a tool that tracked all of the internet sites, and time spent on them, as a part of the recording of my work activities. Not only did I need a very specific time tracker that tracked time down to the seconds, but I needed one that broke down time into specifics. While most trackers would tell you that you have spent 5 hours on Firefox or Internet explorer (well duh!), Chrometa will give you the specifics, which is extremely useful to me. It will give you the exact titles of each webpage you visited, and how long you spent on that page. Chrometa will track your time in each application and in your emails as well. All automatically, as in you do not have to do a thing!
When I first tried Chrometa, I was worried about privacy, and whether a program running in the background would cause lag on my computer system. To my surprise, I could not tell the difference when Chrometa is running in the background, and when it is not. I have not experienced any lag issues, and am very happy about how little it affects my system resources.
As for the privacy issue, my mind is completely set at ease. Chrometa allows you to password protect the interface, so anything you do not want anyone to see is private. You can also block applications from being recorded which even further secures your privacy, and allows for a more versatile use of recording.
To top all of this off, it is extremely easy for Chrometa users to export data to excel, allowing you to tweak, copy, cut, paste, invoice, and more... for whatever ways fits your needs.
To further enhance my enthusiasm for Chrometa, the customer service of this company is supreme. There were a few features I would like to see implemented in Chrometa, which would be specifically helpful in my line of work, and I wrote them with my requests. I expected the usual response from companies when I write them giving a suggestion; "Thank you, we will forward your requests to the proper department, and take your requests under consideration." Then you never hear back from them, and you never see what you would like to see happen. They completely blow you off.
At first I received an email stating that they are looking into adding more functionality, in the near future, with some information on the plans they have. I thought that would be the end of that. To my surprise, I received another follow-up email a week or two later with further information about how some of the features I was hoping for were to be implemented in upcoming updates, and a conclusion of the email with "Please let me know if we can assist, or if you have other features we should investigate." This email really made me really happy.

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