Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Daniusoft Video Studio Express License

Daniusoft Video Studio Express makes editing simple and fun, offering a streamlined interface, ensuring an intuitive interface for your creative process. With this video editor, users can turn individual video clips into polished personal movie in an instant, with stylish video transitions, background music, effects, and more.
The video editing software allows even beginners to produce professional-looking personal movies. Video Studio Express provides you with a complete set of tools to edit videos and share your final production on your iPad, iPhone 4, iPod, PSP, Blackberry, HTC, Zune and other portable device.
Key Features
Daniusoft Video Studio Express - Easy Video Editing
Easy Video Editing
The Video Editor let you edit the video and audio that you added to the separated tracks.
Video Editor Software - Video Edit Mode
Video Edit Mode
Video Edit Mode is where you edit and crop the video clips used in your project. You can apply fade-in/fade-out effects to the existing audio of a video clip, and adjust a clip's effect, brightness, contrast and saturation or rotate a clip.
Timeline Panel
The Timeline panel with separate tracks for arranging videos and audio makes the process of video editing more visualized, you can Add, Delete, Copy, Trim, Split, Merge files in a simple way via this timeline panel.
Plus, you can use the additional audio track in the timeline to enhance your videos with soundtracks and special sound effects.
Video Studio Express
Add Video Transitions & Background Music
The Video Studio Express ensures you fluent and stunning transitions among clips, and add background music to get the right sound for your movie.
Best Video Editing Software - Video Transition
Amazing Video Transition
Achieving great-looking video doesn't require deep artistic talent today. Daniusoft Video Studio Express provides a wide variety of transition templates that can make amazing video project a reality for anyone. A wide range of stylish transitions in Video Studio Express give more magic than ever to make stunning personal movies.
Add Background Music
Background music that starts and ends gradually is commonly used to create smooth transitions. For each of your music clips, you can click and to fade-in and fade-out the volume at the start and end of the clip to ensure that music complements a movie, not distracts from it.
Daniusoft Video Studio Express - Watch Your Video on the Go
Watch Your Video on the Go
Publish for viewing on Your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, etc
Video Editor software - Share Video
Watch Your Video on the Go
This video editing program supports to export media files to any formats for portable devices, such as iPad, iPhone 4, iPod, etc.
Save them to your PC simultaneously.
Easy to Use
Only a few clicks to complete the conversion with supervising the whole process on real time.
Free Technical Support and lifetime free Upgrade let you feel reassured to use the our software.
Automatic Upgrade
Provide procedures for automatic upgrades, user-friendly at any time to improve access to the latest version.

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