Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Free Password Depot 4 Softwareload edition

Can you remember all of your passwords? Well, now you don’t have to! Softwareload is giving away copies of Password Depot (RRP £29.00). The award-winning software saves your various passwords in a virtual safe and logs itself in to your desired web pages, email accounts and/or password protected programmes as and when you access them. You don’t even have to remember a master password. Another practical feature for users on the go: save Password Depot to your flash drive and take your passwords with you!
Password Depot yours for free while stocks last!*

Free Software free of expiry date

In  your Password Depot download you’ll receive a license key for easy activation, as well as free and unlimited use for as long as you need it – choose also from English, German, French or Spanish operation languages. An internet connection is required for update downloads. The software offers an extra window for an integrated search option for freeware, shareware and full versions, as well as current Softwareload offers.Choose the right password

Those of you who use a first name or surname in your passwords are an open target to pre-defined hacker programmes which use a wide list of names and words to crack your password. Worse still is if you use one password for several logins – from email right through to your online banking login. It’s only a question of time until your account suffers a substantial blow. Better use a different password for each login. Password Depot also aids you in creating new and more complex passwords capable of offering you a more secure protection of private content. Secure Passwords

If you’re not sure what exactly a secure is, leave it up to Password Depot to create a virtually uncrackable, random password for you. Using the Password Generator you can control how many symbols your password should have, whether it should consist of capitals, numbers etc. The colour coded bar next to the password check indicates how secure your created password is. Spy protection

Even if your PC is already infected with so-called Spyware and Keyloggers, your passwords remain secure. Password Depot protects your passwords from being read "off your keyboard” by damaging programmes, as well as protects them from programmes designed to search your hard drive(s).Safety on the go

If you want to have your passwords with you wherever you go, Password Depot is with you via an installable assistant on your flash drive. Protected password folders can be stored online and comfortably retrieved as and when you need them.Monitor your surfing

When visiting a website – e.g. online banking – the "Top Bar” facilitates the constant filling out of password fields. Password Depot fills them in automatically with your stored information for each respective site. Most popular browsers are supported.Beginner Mode
Password Depot offers a wide range of functions for further security settings, e.g. setting the shelf-life of a password. Should you just require the core functions, select the beginner mode for a clear, no frills overview of your password storage and protection.Installation of Password Depot Softwareload Edition
Use the following license key on installation of your Password Depot to use the software as a free Softwareload edition:


Please take care when activating your software to enter the license key correctly and completely.
To avoid entry errors, please do the following:
 – Highlight the key above
 – Copy it using the keyboard combination Ctrl+C
 – Add the key to the respective field by pressing Ctrl+V

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