Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photo Designer 7- The free software for your image editing!

The free alternative to classic image editing programs

Optimize your digital pictures the way you usually do: adjust color and brightness, correct image sharpness and lighten precisely defined areas. With just a few clicks, you can crop, rotate, mirror, and edit your photos in detail. You can even turn your photos into paintings or fun caricatures in no time using the included artistic effects.

NEW! Selective lightening

Are some of the details of the photo too dark or is a hard shadow spoiling the picture?
Similar to classic dodging, you can use the "lightening" function to expose selected areas of your photo and to enhance them in different ways. You can customize the tool to your needs: from large with a soft structure to pixel precision. This enables you to make even detailed corrections.

NEW! Remove objects

Now nothing can ruin your photos! It's a cinch to remove bothersome objects from photos by replacing them with a similar background from the same image. Whether poles, power lines or signs, with just a few clicks you can edit your image and remove any flaws.

NEW! Panorama montages

Combine individual images seamlessly and in just a few steps to create fantastic panorama pictures. The photos are automatically combined into one picture. You can also correct details manually. The result: absolutely realistic panoramas!

Creative effects

Funny photo caricatures

Whether caricatures, "body styling", or artistic distortions: use the "liquid paint" function to magically create funny caricatures with a few clicks. Give cranky colleagues big ears, have a friend sport a beer belly, or your boss look out from a frame with droopy eyes. Pictures can be easily distorted using the mouse.

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