Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free 1 Year Trend Micro Titanium AntiVirus Plus 2012 Genuine Original Key

The big new feature last year was that Trend Micro Titanium, like Google Chrome, instituted automatic updates, removing the necessity of updating your virus definition files. The autoupdates in Titanium theoretically led to a higher level of security that was more responsive, too. The behavioral-detection approach worked well for Norton, Panda, and Microsoft. No doubt moving detection to the cloud made the program run with less interference in your system, and after a year, it's hard not to conclude that it is effective.
You can still schedule scans in Titanium, which you can do from the Virus and Spyware Controls panel under Settings. On that same tab, you can configure how Titanium handles various other security protocols.
In its 2012 version, Titanium adds two new engines to the fold. One is designed to detect and remove the "fake antivirus" type of malware, also known as ransomware, that plagues many people. The other stops botnets that might have infected your computer.
Titanium AntiVirus Plus does offers the kind of core protection that's expected. Along with antivirus, anti-malware, and malicious link protection, Titanium AntiVirus Plus protects your installed applications from being altered without your permission.
Trend Micro comes with a toolbar that autoinstalls only in Firefox and Internet Explorer. But for a few exceptions, security suites have been ignoring Chrome, which is a serious miscalculation in our opinion. It's reminiscent of schools of art that get ignored until they become cultural leaders: are the makers of consumer security suites simply not taking Chrome seriously yet? Or do they feel that it's too secure of a browser to be susceptible to social-engineering attacks that other browser users suffer from? We suspect the former, although the security companies' sluggishness implies either willful ignorance or the latter.
You can deactivate the toolbar in the Settings window after you install, although it's a bit annoying that you can't turn it off before you install. Internet Explorer 9 indicates that running the toolbar slows down the browser's start-up by 1 second. It also doesn't really contain much in the way of features, besides giving Titanium hooks into your browser so it can evaluate Web site search results.
Titanium Internet Security includes parental controls, a system tuner, data theft prevention, a government-level file shredder, and 2 GB of online storage.
Added features in Titanium Maximum Security 2012 but not Titanium Internet Security 2012 are enough to make up for the $10 price differential. These include eight more gigabytes of storage, locally stored password-protected folder vault, remote file lock, public Wi-Fi authentication, mobile OS security including Android and iOS, and social networking wall scanning.

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