Monday, August 23, 2010

Free iskysoft DVD Library for MAC

iSkysoft DVD-Library lets you catalog, manage and backup your DVDs on Mac in a visual library. Just hold DVD barcode up to the iSight camera and the DVD's cover and all relevant info will be automatically added to the library. DVD-Library for Mac also allows you to backup DVDs to .dvdmedia files on Mac with one simple click. Your DVD movies are now at your fingertips and you can enjoy them anytime you want.
  • Have a complete inventory of your DVDs and avoid duplicate purchases.
  • Find DVDs with a few clicks and keep track of borrowed DVDs.
  • Make full quality DVD backups on your Mac for convenient playback.
Rip DVD for Apple Devices with DVD Ripper for Mac
Easily Add DVDs to Library
Use iSight camera to scan in DVD info quickly, just hold the barcode up to the camera and the DVD info was instantly added to the DVD library. Or enter the UPC or DVD title to retrieve the DVD's cover and other information from Amazon.
DVD converter for Mac
Catalog DVDs on Mac
Build a visual DVD library on Mac, and catalog DVD collections by actors, directors, years, or genres automatically, save you the trouble of organizing your large DVD collections manually.
DVD ripper Mac: Great for Entertainment on-the-go
Keep Ins and Outs of Each DVD
Have a complete inventory of your DVDs on your Mac, including your own DVD collection, and the DVDs you want to purchase. Keep track of borrowed DVDs, remembering when and to whom your DVDs are lent out.
rip DVD Mac Directly to Apple Software
Export list to Avoid duplicate purchase
Export DVD list to PDF for printing or viewing on iPhone, easily check your DVD library anywhere you like, say DVD store. To avoid duplicate purchase, you can check it in your library first.
DVD ripper for Mac: Optimized Presets
Make Full Quality DVD Backups
Make 1:1 full quality and exact copy of DVDs to Mac, with DVD menu, title, languages and all other extras, just like your original DVD. Backup your DVD movies on Mac for convenient playback or sharing.
Easy-to-use Mac DVD ripper
Export DVD movies to iPod
With iSkysoft DVD Ripper for Mac installed, you can directly convert DVD backups for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, mobile phone and more. Put your favorite movies in your pocket and enjoy them on the go!

More Features

Quick Search
Quickly search DVDs you've lent out, purchased, seen, not seen, and wish to buy with filter.

Find Hot & New Movies
Access to hottest DVDs or new releases on Amazon, and sorted to Haven't Bought It category when added to library.

Easily Movie Sharing
Share DVD backups, instead of DVD disc, with your friends and avoid damage caused by lending DVD discs.

Enjoy Peace in Life
Play backup dvdmedia file on MacBook protect your DVD movies from being scratched and sucks up less battery.

Import DVD Backups
Add DVD backup files (ISO and dvdmedia file) on the hard drive to the DVD library for management or convenient playback.

Browse DVD Movies
To save you time and effort, DVD-Library allows you to browse your DVDs by title, artist, directors and genres.

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