Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LG Android Phone Optimus GT540 In India

Key Features

  • Enhanced Multimedia Experience
  • Dedicated Social networking client
  • Enhanced Mobile Internet Experience
  • 7.62cm touch screen with enhanced UI
  • Pre-Loaded Android Application
  • LG App Advisor
  • Google Market
  • Android Donut(1.6) OS

Dedicated Social networking client
Stay in touch 24x7 with LG Optimus' unique dedicated social networking client, managing all your social connnection including facebook &Twitter.See your updates, change our status and stay in touch-all in one screen.With LG optimus you are always on and always in control.
Pre-Loaded Android Application
Ready to use right out of the box,LG Optimus comes preloaded with exciting 12 application like Foursquare, layar, wikitude etc to give you instant access to the wonderful experience of the world of application.
Google Market
A virtual market place of application with all big & independent developer at one place.It gives you a freedom to download numerous application from more than 40000 application.Find thousand of suitable application and customize it ,sort it,give your rating and comment.

7.62cm touch screen with enhanced UI
Enjoy the wide angle viewing and gaming experience on 7.62cm big touch screen of LG Optimus.The enhanced UI enable easy access to key notification to idle screen without unlocking the phone and active widgets gives quick access.
LG App Advisor
Be updated regularly with top application suitable to your local market. LG app advisor also saves you from the hurdle of intensive search for the famous application.Just carry your advisor in your phone.
Android Donut(1.6) OS
An opertaing system developed by Google which provides a suite of Software for mobile devices enabling you to download a range of application.It allows you an easy and quick link of application to the core functionality of the phone.

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