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Free BufferZone Pro- Download with safety


Why BufferZone Pro?

Internet security most important questions

  • Have you ever thought twice before downloading a P2P file?
  • Are there any sensitive or personal files on your PC?
  • Do you ever wonder if IM is totally safe?
  • Have you ever wondered questioned how safe e-Banking really is?
  • Are you worried about the risk of PC infection from using a USB device?
If you answered "YES" to at least 1 of these questions you need BufferZone Pro.

BufferZone Pro gives you BufferZone Free Basic Protection with added and expanded features. With BufferZone Pro, you can finally surf anywhere, download anything, open any email attachments, share and chat with your friends and e-bank with peace of mind. Your personal information is invisible and inaccessible to malicious Web attacks.

I have anti-virus. Why do I need BufferZone Pro?

Anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam are recommended as a good basis for securing your PC. But the limitations of these popular security suites are well known. Anti-virus can take up to several days to respond to new Internet threats and needs constant updates and maintenance. This results in even more critical time for your security software to finally be updated against a new threat. Meanwhile, you are completely exposed and unprotected.
As users spend more and more time on the Web, popular security suites alone cannot guarantee safety and privacy.
With BufferZone Pro, not even a botnet can infect and take over your computer. Any attack would occur only inside an isolated area, where all threats are kept separated away from your trusted PC environment. Emptying or "flushing" this environment ensures that you will never become part of a botnet.

How Does BufferZone Pro's approach complement reactionary anti-virus?

BufferZone Pro's patented "Threat Virtualization" technology provides the final layer to your computer's defenses. BufferZone Pro is preventative protection that complements the reactionary method used by all traditional anti-virus.
BufferZone Pro prevents ALL threats, even unknown (zero-day) threats that anti-virus misses. There are no signature updates, no maintenance and no response time .
BufferZone Pro contains your Internet activities inside an isolated environment called the "Virtual Zone." The Virtual Zone is displayed as a red border around your screen. All potentially threatening programs and files remain isolated from your personal files and your PC's operating system. Your personal and private information stay in a separated trusted environment. All virtualized and trusted programs and files are easily viewable in the same interface.
In the Virtual Zone, you can browse the Web , e-bank, share, chat , download and open any file or application without threatening your PC and personal files. BufferZone Pro download gives you complete protection against Internet threats.

Threat Free P2P, Browsers, and IM

BufferZone Pro keeps you surfing, downloading, e-banking, sharing, chatting, and e-mailing to your heart's content - basically, using the Internet as it should be used. The Virtual Zone gives you total freedom, peace and security on the Web. With BufferZone Pro, you can do absolutely anything on the Internet threat free.

Keep your sensitive information safe in a trusted environment

Your personal and private information stay in a trusted environment making it impossible for spyware, keyloggers, botnets or any other Internet born malware from stealing your personal data and documents.
Sensitive areas or information on your PC that BufferZone Pro keeps separated from threats:
  • "My Documents" folder: BufferZone Pro hides and (visually) "locks" your private files and directories. You can easily add your own customized confidential files during installation.
  • E-banking and e-shopping: BufferZone Pro lets you browse trusted Web sites  (Privacy Zone) such as e-banking and e-shopping inside the trusted environment. You can easily add your own customized Privacy Zone web sites during installation.

Threats from Removable Media & Storage Devices

External media and storage devices are quick and convenient tools for transporting and uploading files to another computer. But, popular gadgets such as USB hard drives, flash drives, floppy discs and CD ROM's are notorious for carrying viruses and other hidden threats. BufferZone Pro erases the risks so you can enjoy the benefits without the stress.

BufferZone Free

BufferZone Pro

BufferZone Free Protection PLUS

  • Safely download anything in an isolated (virtualized)      zone (+)
  • Safely browse with Internet Explorer in an isolated (virtualized) zone (+)
  • Safely chat with MSN Messenger in an isolated (virtualized) zone (+)
  • Safely open e-mail attachments in an isolated (virtualized) zone (+)
  • e-Bank and e-Shop in a trusted environment           (*place up to 2 trusted sites in a Privacy Zone) (+)
  • Schedule periodic "flushes" of the Virtual Zone (+)
  • Trustware Forum Support (+)
  • Safely use all browsers  in an isolated (virtualized)      zone (+)
  • Safely chat with all instant messaging programs in an isolated (virtualized) zone (+)
  • Safely share with all P2P applications in an isolated (virtualized) zone (+)
  • Safely use USB devices in an isolated (virtualized)      zone (+)
  • No limitation on number of trusted websites in Privacy Zone (+)
  • Lock your personal files (in a confidential folder) inside   a trusted environment (+)
  • Take a "snapshot" of the Virtual Zone for one- step restore (+)
  • 24/7 e-mail and forum support (+)

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