Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Free PCmover Image Assistant™- Move data from old PC to New with this Software

PCmover Image Assistant™ is breakthrough software that complements any imaging solution available on the market today. Now, you can restore the image of an old Windows ® PC (or old hard drive) to a new PC that has a different Windows operating system. All programs, files and settings are restored to the new PC without overwriting anything on the new PC, including the operating system. Even your programs are restored intact and ready to use!
Without PCmover Image Assistant, all the images of your Windows XP or Vista computer won’t help you set up a new PC if your existing one crashes. Imaging products on the market today are only able to restore an entire image including the operating system. That means using current imaging software to restore an image of a Windows XP or Vista PC to a computer running Windows 7 will overwrite everything, including Windows 7.
PCmover Image Assistant solves this problem. It is designed to work with all imaging software to allow any image to be restored to a PC with a different operating system without overwriting anything, including the new operating system. This process is called Operating System Independent Restore.
The easy-to-use wizard provides full selectivity and user control over exactly what is restored - you can choose everything or only selected programs, folders or file types. And with an easy 'Undo' feature and full money-back guarantee, PCmover Image Assistant is the smart choice for all your image restoration needs.

When to Use PCmover Image Assistant

Your computer crashes, but the hard drive still functions. Use PCmover Image Assistant to restore all or some of the programs, files and settings from that hard drive to a new PC even if the new PC is running a different version of Windows. For example, the old PC might have been running XP and the new PC has Windows 7. Nothing on the new PC will be overwritten and all your applications are transferred and installed ready-to-use. No need to reinstall and no need to find old serial numbers. The only caveat here is that the old hard drive must be accessible on the new PC and PCmover Image Assistant will do the rest.
You have a PC running an older version of Windows that is stolen or fatally damaged (e.g., won’t boot and can’t be repaired) but you kept an image (copy) of it. Most likely you will need to restore that image to a new PC that is running Windows 7. If you use your imaging software to restore that old image, it will overwrite everything on your new PC including Windows 7! That’s where PCmover Image Assistant comes in. Simply mount the image as a virtual drive and use PCmover Image Assistant to restore your old image to your new PC. You won’t overwrite anything on the new PC and everything will be right where you like it. Only PCmover Image Assistant has this ‘Operating System Independent Restore’ functionality.

Get Started with PCmover Image Assistant in 3 Simple Steps

Image: PCmover Image Assistant Three Step Restore Graphic

Key Features of PCmover Image Assistant

Operating System Independent Restore Keep the operating system on the new PC intact when restoring the image of an old PC.
No Overwriting Everything on your new PC remains untouched.
Hard Drive Restore Transfer contents of an old hard drive to a new PC.
User Profile Selectivity Select user profiles and settings that you want restored to your new PC.
Automatic Application Installation Applications selected to be restored are automatically installed, eliminating the need to find old CDs or serial numbers.
"Undo" Feature Reverse the entire restoration with the easy "Undo" option.
Complete Selectivity You decide which programs, files and settings to restore.
Easy-to-Use Perform a complete restoration following the easy-to-use wizard. 

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